Subject: Re: MacBSD Manual Rough Draft
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: Robert Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/18/1993 19:57:09
> > Yeah, unfortunatly, I sun-lamp is timing out for me (the machine name is: 
> >, right?)
> Yes.

<sigh> when to teh mirrors get updated?

> Yes.  N-dashes are only used for numeric ranges, such as 1984-1988,
> or pages 165-198.  Hyphens are used to concatenate words, and M-dashes
> are grammatical symbols.

Oops :-) I had it backwards, I used N-dashes for words, hyphens for 
ranges... M-dashes are for breaks in sentences and such... (right?)

> > Really? This could explain a lot... And the non-FPU version won't be done 
> > by newyears?
> We hope it will.  If it does get done, it will be incorporated into
> the main kernel and people won't have to download a separate one.

Ah. That's what I was wondering... So I should design it for one kernel? 
In which case it will be included in one of the Tar files, so I can kill 
that section?

> Okay, I don't know the Mac world very well.  If everyone out there with
> a word processor will be able to import this text (and I assume they
> will), then that's great.  Only do an ASCII version if you can generate
> it from the Word one--don't bother making a separate version.

Oh, as it stands, I fixed everything except for:
The new tar file structure...
teh FTP site list. I put agate at top, then sunlamp, then hulk, then te rest.
Oh. Formated is in my spell checker, so is formatted. Webster's agrees 
   with you though, so I changed it and formating -> formatting...
I assume that you're right on GMT, there was no docs anywhere for that.

And I'm going to talk to the other archivists at to 
see about a setction for NetBSD/Mac stuff... (we're sorta like sumex-aim, 
but we check our files first and write descs for them :-) )
                    -Rob Hagopian