Subject: Up and what?
To: None <>
From: Franklin Chen <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/17/1993 22:43:25
I just got the update.cpt and installed the latest kernel, and booted
successfully into MacBSD!  (Yesterday I had used nothing later than the
original 1.tar.cpt.bin.)

Is there a list of stuff that isn't quite working properly, and a list of
what utilities are on the distribution?  For example, I noticed that gcc/g++
is apparently version 1.39 (pretty old).  Also, gzip is 1.0.7.  I can't use
vi because /etc/termcap is nowhere.  passwd doesn't seem to work.  Is
everything supposed to freeze when you exit (or control-D)?  Etc.  It would
be nice to find/share answers to questions like this.

	Franklin Chen