Subject: re: [old] porting to unsupported macs...
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/17/1993 17:33:41
>This is a piece of thought from a while back.  Cleaning out old mailboxes, i
>found this and realized that I still felt like it needed to be said.  
>Allen wrote:
>>(I wonder if rms will accept patches for NetBSD/Mac
>>with the GNU position on supporting Apple products...  This isn't in
>>a decent form for that, yet, but it might be nice someday.) 
>sigh. This has always bugged me -- I'm not happy with what apple has done
>(they sure let down this teenage apple2 hack), but isn't it more of a 'sin'
>to have the machines go wasted, idle?  I'd rather have a useful box as a
>fileserver or on-line store than to have to clean out my (inadequate) money
>reserves to get soemthing new/used... making use of the iron is a keystone in
>the ethic upon which the manifesto was built... [hell, that's why I have a
>68010 convergent technologies miniframe up-and-running...]
>sigh. I don't know -- perhaps this is only noise, but I had to get it out in
>the open... maybe I need to confirm that I'm not the only one feeling this

I had an e-mail conversation with RMS a few weeks ago, and brought this
up --- his position is if it's from Apple, it's still boycotted.
Too bad, as I happen to like the products of both outfits.