Subject: Re: oops
To: Robert Hagopian <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/16/1993 23:40:19
[Pls. send to may go away any time...  Thks.]

> Oops, duh, that's *7* bars then freeze for me.

Cool.  That means that the LCIII is real close.  Do you have an FPU

> I tried reformatting with APS, same problem with extra unused cylinders 
> (which should be fine, just a little less space...)


> Unused/free partions and the A/UX autoback partition (or such...) and:

The kernel only pays attention to root, usr, and swap A/UX partitions.
Eschatology won't make sense for a while, I'd imagine ;-).

> fsmking the swap partition.

Do you need to mount swap as a filesystem?  If not, and I see no reason
why you'd want to, then you don't need to mkfs the swap.  BSD treats it
as a raw array of blocks.  Running mkfs won't hurt it, but it won't help
it, either ;-)

The reason you haven't gotten it to work is that it apparently doesn't
boot on the LCIII.  Don't give up hope, though.  We are getting ahold
of a IIci this weekend, and one of the original developers of MacBSD
is working on the PB160 (which sounds an awful lot like the LCIII) right
now.  We should be able to run on these machines soon, and even if the
LCIII doesn't work with the changes for one of these ports, it should be
*much* closer.


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