Subject: Re: Colour Classic ?
To: None <>
From: Eric Johnson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/13/1993 22:45:32
>Not that I know of.  It would be interesting to know how far it gets,
>though.  Do you know, off-hand, how it differs from the SE/30 (other
>than addition of colour and subtraction of FPU ;-)?

The SE/30 was a raw 68030, loaded with FPU (I think) and a full 32 bit data 
path.  It really flew, and it only had to drive a small screen, so it seemed 
even better?

The Color Classic is based on the LC/LCII idea.  It only has a 16 bit data 
path to ram as well as all other I/O.  This cripples an otherwise speedy 
processor, but only requires you to add SIMMs 2 at a time, and make the 
Mother board design MUCH cheaper.  The main reason that the LCIII rocks is 
that it has a 32 bit data path (and a 25 Mhz CPU).  If you can get it to run 
on an LCII, it will likely run on the Color Classic.


Eric N. Johnson (Primary) (backup and list server mail)