Subject: Re: Feedback on Dec. 12 current kernel
To: Michael Finch <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/13/1993 18:40:20
In the words of Michael Finch:
> This is the boring part of the output from slots.  I was more interested
> in the output of the FHeader block and the sResource dir.  However,
> from the siCPUByteLanes i'm willing to guess that the fhByteLanes is "A5".
> If this is the case then I am able to read that card successfully.

I started to send the FHeader part before, but it looked mostly the
same as the one for slot E (built-in video), so I sent the SInfo block
instead.  Oops.

	FHeader block:
	fhDirOffset: 00FFD28C
	fhLength:    00000001
	fhCRC:       000000A5
	fhROMRev:          01
	fhFormat:          01
	fhTstPat:    5A932BC7
	fhReserved:        00
	fhByteLanes:       A5
Good guess. :-)

	sResource Directory:
	01  000010
	80  00128C
	90  0012B4
	FF  000000

If you want the rest of the diagram the program draws, let me know and
I'll figure out a way to send you a screen dump (it shouldn't be a

- monroe