Subject: Re: Feedback on Dec. 12 current kernel
To: Monroe Williams <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/13/1993 11:38:07
Monroe Williams
> siDirPtr:     FBFFA4F0
> siInitStatusA:    0000
> siInitStatusV:    0001
> siState:            04
> siCPUByteLanes:     05
> siTopOfRom:         FE
> siStatusFlags:      00
> siTOConstant:     0064
> siReserved:       0000
> The program also generates a graphic representation of the data
> structures hanging off the sResource directory, along with their
> contents.  If this would be any help, I can take a screen shot or
> something.
This is the boring part of the output from slots.  I was more interested
in the output of the FHeader block and the sResource dir.  However,
from the siCPUByteLanes i'm willing to guess that the fhByteLanes is "A5".
If this is the case then I am able to read that card successfully.
For those people interested, the fhTstPat is "5A932BC7" on all cards, and
that is what I look for.