Subject: Re: Looking for newer binaries... (was Re: Bug in gcc)
To: Monroe Williams <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/12/1993 10:19:15
> Would someone who has newer binaries & libraries (at least for the gnu
> stuff) consider putting them on an FTP server somewhere?  I don't

I'll consider it ;-)  Seriously, it will all be in the Jan. release,
but I'll see if I can make at least the compiler and some of my 
/usr/local/bin available r.s.n.

> The last time I tried to use gdb, it was broken (I couldn't get
> single-stepping to work), but that may have been an anomaly.

It still doesn't seem to quite work perfectly...  I haven't gotten
to that, yet, though.  Perhaps the hp300 effort will fix it before
I do.

> BTW, does anyone have bash running on MacBSD?

Yes.  I'd be hard pressed to live w/o it, these days.  That's in my
/usr/local/bin, so will be part of an upload when I get to it...

> Also, is a later version of g++ working on MacBSD?

gcc 2.4.5 is what sun-lamp's using.  That's what I'm running, too,
but it's a little broken right now.  It barfs on c++ code :-(  Again,
I haven't gotten to that, yet...

> FYI, I've had the same multitude-of-disks problem other people have
> reported with the netbsd.current kernel.

Hmmmm.  This is a wierd problem.  I've gotten a fix from a Steve that
seems to work, although I can't explain why.  It looks almost like
the disks are returning success for test unit ready for all luns.

> It's kept me from seeing whether the new kernel recognizes my optical drive

Prob. not yet.  Sorry.  It *might* work...


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