Subject: Re: Disk Space and other things
To: Matthew W. Hacker <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/12/1993 02:13:06
Matthew W. Hacker
> 2) Does disklabel work?  Can it be used on the root drive?  'disklabel -r
> sd0' lists the label but says it's damaged (no magic number I think) and it
> also list some funky numbers for some nonexistent partitions.  I tried to
> clean it up, but all the the write/edit forms of the command don't seem to
> do anything...?  Should I even be messing with the label?
Disklabel sorta works.  The actual disklabel program had a bug as I recall, and
expected the entire disk to be either partition c or d, i'm not sure if this
was ever fixed.  Also, writing the disklabel has NO effect.  The disklabel
is read from the Mac's partition table and the drive's geometry tables.

> 3)  Is there anyway of getting the Installer not to mount the second macbsd
> partition as /usr ?  I can change the fstab so that when I boot macbsd it
> mounts it on whatever I want, but the installer seems to always mount it on
> /usr.  
The new guy who is working on the installer will fix this.  :-)

> 4)  What's the difference between booting in single user or not?
Single user is boring.  Networking doesn't run and only one user is allowed.