Subject: Looking for newer binaries... (was Re: Bug in gcc)
To: macbsd-general mailing list <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/11/1993 16:12:36
Allen writes:
> I am running w/ much newer binaries and libraries than you.  I do 
> seem to remember that there are some bugs (no way! ;-) in gcc 1.39,
> which is, I think, what you're using..they.

Would someone who has newer binaries & libraries (at least for the gnu
stuff) consider putting them on an FTP server somewhere?  I don't
really want to download all 7 Meg (compressed!) of gnu sources from
sun-lamp and spend lots of time recompiling the compiler, libraries,
etc. when other people have already done the work.  I'd probably run
out of disk space just trying to decompress it, anyway. :-/  

The last time I tried to use gdb, it was broken (I couldn't get
single-stepping to work), but that may have been an anomaly.  (My
system was pretty hosed up at the time. :-)  It may also have been
operator error (I haven't used gdb much), but I tried exactly the same
commands in gdb on another machine, and they worked fine.

BTW, does anyone have bash running on MacBSD?  If so, is the binary
available somewhere?  I know it's huge, but I've gotten kinda used to
using it on other systems, and I've got the swap space. ;-)

Also, is a later version of g++ working on MacBSD?  The distribution I
have has an old g++, but no headers (iostreams, complex, etc.)  Kinda
makes portability a problem. ;-)

Should I just wait for the next release?  (New tar files for Christmas? :-)

FYI, I've had the same multitude-of-disks problem other people have
reported with the netbsd.current kernel.  It claims that there are
eight different drives exactly like my root drive, at all eight logical
unit numbers at that SCSI address.  It's kept me from seeing whether
the new kernel recognizes my optical drive (I talked to Allen about the
optical - he said he might put in a fix).

- monroe