Subject: Disk Space and other things
To: None <>
From: Matthew W. Hacker <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/11/1993 16:47:13
Hi folks.  MacBSD is cool.  Just had to get that out of my system.  ;-)

Ok, lots of questions:

1)  I formatted my drive to have  ~60MB (122760 512K blocks)  When the
kernel boots df -k says I have 46467K total.  Is this normal?  I realize
there is some overhead involved withthe filesystem but 15M seem liek too
much ;-)

Drive: Segate 80M  817 cyln 6 head 34 sec/track 512bytes/sec
I ran mkfs with 1 spare sec/track, and 16 cyln/group, 512 bytes/inodes
Are these reasonable?

2) Does disklabel work?  Can it be used on the root drive?  'disklabel -r
sd0' lists the label but says it's damaged (no magic number I think) and it
also list some funky numbers for some nonexistent partitions.  I tried to
clean it up, but all the the write/edit forms of the command don't seem to
do anything...?  Should I even be messing with the label?

3)  Is there anyway of getting the Installer not to mount the second macbsd
partition as /usr ?  I can change the fstab so that when I boot macbsd it
mounts it on whatever I want, but the installer seems to always mount it on

4)  What's the difference between booting in single user or not?

5) Can you tell by now that I've never administrated unix before?  :-)

System stuff:
Apple 1024*768 b&w two page screen (it's actually a third party card)
        (I do get some funny characters randomly on my screen when I
         switch consoles, but a redraw fixes them)
Ethernet A-Series, A-Series        (What the latest on ethernet drivers?  :-)
one 80M mac drive
one 80M drive with 60M A/UX partition
two serial ports that work!  Cool!
        (I've used kermit successfully)
Kensington Turbo Mouse (doesn't mess up the adb drivers 
                        - well not most of the time ;-)
I've been using generic #48
        (I tried netbsd-current but it list lots of copies of my drive)

-Matthew Hacker

Matthew W. Hacker