Subject: SE/30 boot problem : more info
To: None <>
From: Mark Perry <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/10/1993 19:45:46
I'll keep this public in case other people have the same problem in the future...

The booter is set to 8 MB ram, kernal scsi 5, root scsi 5, kernal name netbsd,
partition name BSD Root.

When it boots, I get:

8384512 real memory
5738496 available memory

mainbus0 (root)
adb0 at mainbus0
nubos0 at mainbus0
nubus0: s:11 t:24580 "  , "
  not configured
grf0 at nubus0: SE/30 internal display, etc.
ser0 at mainbus0
ncr0 at mainbus0
then disk stuff
sd0 28 MB [this is my A/UX root & usr partition]
sd1 116 MB [internal disk, no MacBSD stuff]
audio0 not configured
floppy not configured
trap: 3 ...
and then kernal trace stuff

I've missed a couple of lines there with the disk stuff, but that's most of it.
thanks for your patience :-)