Subject: Shutdown, Take 2
To: None <>
From: Eric Johnson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/09/1993 16:29:32
I tried sending somethings similar to this once before, but it never 
bounced, so here is a re-write.

A while back, this came across this Mailing List:

>Plus, there are many bugs in the roms that are fixed by MacOS when it
>is loaded.  We can't use these fixes, because we would have to infringe
>Apple copyrights to do so.
>Finding the shutdown routine took under an hour.  The really frustrating
>thing is that I never figured out why I had to call it, rather than just
>copying the code and executing it myself.  Having to hard code the
>shutdown entry-point most likely means that shutdowns won't work on
>non-MacII style machines (ie. different roms).
>As far as why it wouldn't work when I copied it (it was only a few lines,
>not a major copyright violation :-) I suppose maybe the hardware vector
>depended on the shutdown being executed from a certain rom location.
>Could this be?

I am taking a intro to Pascal class.  A few weeks ago my Prof. used a 
program that he had written that needed to call a shutdown from outside of 
the finder as a debugging example.  I don't remember the details, but he 
eventually found out that the Shutdown routines were incorrectly documented 
in Inside Macintosh.  It wanted one kind of variable, and the book said that 
it needed another, and the compiler did not catch it. (The program was 
written for SEs and Pluses if it makes a difference)  After talking to 
several contacts at Apple, he was eventually able to do it with an inline 
call.  It now works to shutdown the machines though.

Are these two likely the same problem?  If so, I can go in and ask my prof. 
to explain what the details were and foward his response (perhaps with 
sections of code)

Hope this helps,
Eric Johnson (Primary) (List server and backup mail)