Subject: Getting closer on SE/30 with card installed
To: None <>
From: Mark Perry <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/09/1993 19:33:21
Hi again all,
Tried the newer kernals today and we're getting closer ... but not quite there
yet :-(

details: SE/30, 8 mb ram, rasterops 264 card, running off internal screen.
	 macbsd on external ibm hard disk.

using GENERIC.48 gave the same error as before: divide by zero when looking
for the disk geometry.

both netbsd.current and netbsd-current get past that and read the external disk 
OK, get past audio and floppy not configured, then:

trap type 3

and I get a page full of kernal stack, stack trace with 8 lines of register
address info.
The cursor sits at the bottom of the screen and gae's over!

Anyone done better with my set up? thanks for any tips, etc...