Subject: Mac termcap entry??
To: None <>
From: Larry Samuels <samuels@VisiCom.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/08/1993 08:08:45
I sent this to comp.unix.aux, but I wondered if anyone
on the MacBSD mailing list might have some thoughts as well.

/* *********************************************************** */
I was  wondering if anyone could help me with a termcap
entry for a Macintosh (IIcx, if that makes a difference).
I'm running MacBSD, a NetBSD port to the Mac, and while I got 
GNU Emacs 19.19 to compile, 
the cursor behaves strangely in the minibuffer area:
where I type Meta-x (to issue a command), the cursor ends
up on top of the 'x', rather than to the right of it, so when I start
typing, it overstrikes the 'x'.  This isn't so bad, but 
backspacing seems to work incorrectly as well.
I get occasional messed-up displays in editing a file, too.

I didn't have to make any significant changes to the source,
except for one macro in dispnew.c, where
the PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT macro didn't reference
the correct fields of a FILE data structure (for NETBSD).
Pretty sure I've got it right, though, and I've even
compiled alternative versions with a slightly different
definition of PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT, and the problem
stayed the same - makes me suspect the problems not there.
(Of course, my problem is a display problem, and the 
file _is_ dispnew.c ...)

So I thought perhaps my term type isn't set well;  the UCB termcap database
has a 'mac' entry but it's pretty short - I wondered if the 
A/UX folks might have determined a better one.

If there is one, I'd appreciate anyone;s posting or mailing it to me.
Many thanks for any help!

Larry Samuels

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