Subject: Re: SE/30 crash while booting (zero divide)
To: None <>
From: Jim Lynch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/08/1993 04:11:05
>Hi All,
>I am *so* close to getting MacBSD up and going... it's frustrating.
>When I boot, I get the grey bars and the screen clears with the boot stuff.
>It recognises my internal drive, then goes onto my external drive (where
>MacBSD and the A/UX partitions are), recognises it as an IBM, but then
>has a panic with a zero divide message before printing out the disk 
>geometry info.
>The SE/30 has 8MB ram, and the external disk is on SCSI 5, with one HFS
>partition, one A/UX root & usr partition, and one A/UX swap partition.
>This is with the kernal before the GENERIC release. I have downloaded this
>and the latest kernal, and will test them soon. Have any other SE/30 owners
>had these problems?
>Thanks ...

Yes; I'm having the same problem. Seems the problem might be in the card in
my slot. So far, I gather from the others here that any card being in the
slot will do it. I'll summerize the traffic I have been involved in so far:


Eric Johnson said:

>I had the same problem myself when I was new.  Do you have an ethernet card, 
>or some other card in the slot?  The good news is that it is no big problem.  
>What you need to do is download and install the updater from the download 
>site (I think that it is "upate.cpt" and "README.update" or something).  It 
>fixes the divide by zero error with the new kernel.  The card (If it is a 
>net card) will not be supported on the unix side for a month or two, but it 
>will boot.  


>Jim Lynch asks:
>> I installed 1.tar thru 5.tar and tried booting and I got a zero divide panic.

To which Allen Briggs is replying:

>Where did you get the panic?  Can you try running netbsd-current off of
>the sun-lamp archive and let me know what the results are?
>> I have an SE/30 running system 7.1 with a 68882 math coprocessor. I tried
>> with and without extensions and 32-bit (MODE32) mode.
>Did you upgrade to the '882?  Do you have anything in the PDS slot?
>Anything else odd?
>> PS: Hi: I'm new here!
>(I'm writing this from an SE/30--there is hope)
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Thanks for your reply.

I don't actually know where the 68882 is but a) my machine says it's there
and b) I once heard a faint rumor that a 68882 can go in a Radius mono 2 Pg
Display card (which I do have).


Continuing from Jim to Allen (Allen, you haven't read this yet):

I will try the sunlamp version. Tars 1 thru 5 ok?

Where did I get the panic? That's a no-brainer: in the computer room! <sorry.>

How can I know where I am when panic-stricken? I can say this: I never get
'login:' or a prompt or such. I think it might be right after the kernel
recognizes the card (it prints the card name.)