Subject: SE/30 crash while booting (zero divide)
To: None <>
From: Mark Perry <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/08/1993 14:03:09
Hi All,
I am *so* close to getting MacBSD up and going... it's frustrating.
When I boot, I get the grey bars and the screen clears with the boot stuff.
It recognises my internal drive, then goes onto my external drive (where
MacBSD and the A/UX partitions are), recognises it as an IBM, but then
has a panic with a zero divide message before printing out the disk 
geometry info.

The SE/30 has 8MB ram, and the external disk is on SCSI 5, with one HFS
partition, one A/UX root & usr partition, and one A/UX swap partition.

This is with the kernal before the GENERIC release. I have downloaded this
and the latest kernal, and will test them soon. Have any other SE/30 owners
had these problems?

Thanks ...