Subject: Alice, NetBSD/Mac, and contributions
To: None <,>
From: Brad 'Savory Caramel Coating' Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/06/1993 23:16:30
NetBSD/Mac68K: the Alice Group and donations.

	Thanks to everyone who has offered to donate money or resources!
We've been rather surprised at the expression of support from everyone,
and we're a little uncertain about how to deal with the offers of
cash (or check) to advance the porting effort.  Here's our stand on
donations to the Alice Group.

	Because of the large number of Macintosh models and the spread
of donations across that range, it will be impossible for us to accept
money for specific ports.  We will, however, accept donations toward
the 'Alice Group's port of NetBSD to the 680X0-based Macintosh.'  Any
packages of equipment or cash or pizza will be used or eaten exclusively
for the Mac ports. 
	It is unlikely that we will be able to rent all possible
Macintoshes.  Ideally, we would simply add your donation to our
rental fees.  But since we only have a small amount of operating
capital, we can rent only a few Mac models.  We don't want to find
ourselves in a position where we have $15 a piece donated for five
different Macs which we still cannot afford to lease.  The best we
can do (which we may not have time to do) is to announce every so often
the likely order in which we will be porting NetBSD to Macintoshes, and
let you decide.
	We cannot be compelled by monetary contributions to focus our
efforts on a certain hardware feature or microprocessor.  We believe
that directing our behavior based on someone's check is inappropriate.
This would be like turning MacBSD into a commercial product or a
shareware package.  It carries certain obligations which we are
unwilling or unable to meet.
	I believe that you should consider your contribution to the
NetBSD/Mac68K porting effort as similar to a donation to a public
television station, except that we don't get in your face and count
down fifty pledges.  (Act now and we'll send you this spiffy MacBSD
coffee mug!)
	We can only give you our personal guarantee (and a receipt)
that we'll put your contribution (be it money, an equipment loan,
food, or tickets to Fiji) into a bank account under the name 'the
Alice Project,' and that it will be used excusively for the porting
	We cannot offer (yet) any compensation for contributions to
Alice, because of our lack of time and resources.  However, if you
donate equipment or time to NetBSD/Mac68K, we will state your name
in the README with your contribution, stating our gratitude for your
	If you are still interested in contributing, please send your
package to:

	The Alice Group, c/o
	Michael Q. Finch
	750 Tall Oaks Drive, #3400-F
	Blacksburg, VA, 24060

	Thanks again for your support!

		      Brad Grantham,
	      11 0010010000111111011010101 - It's as easy as pie.
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