Subject: Re: Aw, shucks. (fwd)
To: MacBSD General <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/04/1993 20:20:30
> As expected, netbsd failed miserably on my IIvx.  I got seven bars down my
> screen, but the eighth never made it.  I intend to download the source and
> have a look at it -- my curiosity and determination have got the best of me. ;)

That's not too miserable.  The likely cause is that we're assuming that the
MMU is not mapping memory, so we create our page tables and load them... 
Dandy for our older machines, but that doesn't seem to work for the newer
models.  Apple discovered virtual memory, so started putting their frame
buffers at zero and such like.  Over the holidays, I think this will be
the highest priority problem that we address.

> Which brings me to my next question: there are several different copies of
> the kernel available for ftp; which is considered the "latest" one?  There's
> "netbsd", "", "netbsd.current" (but I don't know if it really is
> current), and another "netbsd" in the "update" file, and perhaps others too.
> Is the source for the latest kernel available?

I'm on the tail end of integrating our kernel into the NetBSD-current source
tree on sun-lamp.  This can be retreived through a sup service, or you can
grab a tar file, I believe.  Look around a bit on sun-lamp.  You might be
better off waiting a day or two, but if you've got a little bit of curiosity,
you can probably work with what's there as of tomorrow morning.  You'll need
src/sys and src/lib/libc/arch/m68k...  You can do without src/sys/arch/xxx
where xxx is not mac68k.

The latest kernel that I'm running on kitten is on sun-lamp now as
netbsd-current.gz.  I don't know how it differs from or


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