Subject: Re: Me and my IIvx
To: Brian Kendig <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/03/1993 19:33:14
> Okay, I'm feeling adventuresome.  :)  I've just downloaded tars 1 through
> 5, and I'm ready to try running MacBSD on my system.  Eventually, if I'm
> feeling *really* adventuresome, I might want to try helping its development.

Hmmm..  You won't get too far on a IIvx...  Hopefully soon, though.  We
made a few assumptions in our original port that turned out to be invalid.
A couple of these have prevented otherwise usable systems (like the ci/si
and probably the vx and friends) from working.  These are largely based
on the migration of MacOS to using the MMU...  *Sigh*  In the next few
weeks, we hope to get clear of that problem and get on to more interesting
device drivers, etc.

> I presume this is because, as the
> notes say, a lot of memory addresses were hardcoded and the IIvx ROMS are
> just too new.

Actually, I'd surmise that for the IIvx, the hardware address are similar,
but that the memory map for RAM is not what we expect.  This is just a guess,
though, largely because I don't want to try to find out right now.  It looks
like we'll be able to get our hands on a IIci for a little while, so it might
be useful for you to see how different the IIvx is from the IIci.

Thanks for your interest!  I hope that you'll get a chance to run it


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