Subject: $$ and which machines
To: None <>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/02/1993 00:40:33
Bill Johnston brings up a legitimate concern that people aren't exactly sure
what they're donating to and what they should expect in return.  He then
(sort of) proposes that, for right now, donations would go toward making
MacBSD go on the IIci and IIsi.

So, just so we have a better idea of who would donate with this kind of
goal in mind...I understand that the money would first go to the IIci and
IIsi port.  If it happened that it only took two days to get it working,
and my $20 hadn't been needed, then I have no problem with my donation being
diverted to work on other as-yet-unsupported Macs.  In short, I'll still
give up some money with this short-term goal in mind.

I'll still also give up my IIci for a few weeks, from the 18th of this
month to mid-January.  It sounds like that's when it would be needed, so
there's a donation of a machine, for free.