Subject: Re: $$
To: None <>
From: Bill Johnston <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/01/1993 22:58:20
> I am also willing to contribute $20 ...

Just a cautionary note:  all the offers of $$ are encouraging,
but I'd be very careful to specify how the money will be used
before accepting any.  

Loans of machines are different.  Nobody's going to complain
about a loaner that doesn't result in an immediate port to 
a IIvx, but if $$ get involved, somebody is sure to bitch about 
"So where's MacBSD for the Duo 210? ... I kicked in $10, dammit!"

If a few days results in added support for just the IIsi or IIci,
I'd call it a success.  So it might be better to set a realistic
goal and ask for contributions specifically targeting that goal.
( And if someone sends you a Quadra XYZ AV, you'll just spend 
  the time playing with it, anyway ... ;-)

- Bill