Subject: Re: Machines wanted
To: None <>
From: Brad 'Savory Caramel Coating' Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/30/1993 20:26:42
Jamie Lawrence writes:
> At 10:22 AM 11/30/93 -0800, wrote:
> >        Send us your machine.
> You folks are in Berkeley, right?

Just to clarify things:

	The Alice group will be making the Christmas effort on
NetBSD/Mac during the two weeks before and after Christmas in
Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.  (You might not believe how many
mailing list recipients are from Japan, Germany, Yemen, etc...)
	Allen Briggs and Mike Finch work and live in Blacksburg,
Lawrence Kesteloot studies and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(right?), and Brad Grantham works and sleeps in San Jose (Santa
Clara, really), California.  Chris Caputo, who works and lives
in Seattle (Redmond?), Washington, will be elsewhere, but the previous
four plan to be in one place at the same time.  (You'll never hear
so many Homer Simpson imitations.)
	Although the largest benefit would be to have machines to
test in Virginia during the holidays (and you don't need your machines
while the grandparents pinch your cheek, right?), I would *love* to
borrow machines here in the Bay Area during any other time.  
	Lawrence doesn't have time or a Mac to work on
NetBSD/Mac during the UNC semester.  Of course, if you want to 
*donate* an old Mac II doorstop that you haven't used since white
leisure suits and five inch lapels were in style, feel free to
contact him.
	I don't think Chris is interested in accepting machines
for testing, either, but if you're really desperate you should
post some mail to him.

Bburg, VA
	Mike	--
	Allen	--
Santa Clara, CA
	Brad	--
Chapel Hill, NC
Redmond, WA
	Chris	--

Brad Grantham,		  Carob Earwig Cluster, anyone?
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