Subject: $$ instead of CPU (was: Re: Machines wanted)
To: None <>
From: Larry Samuels <samuels@VisiCom.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/30/1993 13:58:12
Re Paul Robichaux's message: 

... But, I'd be happy to
 	kick in a few bucks to help you rent a machine locally. Here in
	Huntsville (surely a backwater compared to most other places) I can
	rent a IIci, CPU only, for around $175/month. Weekly and daily rates
	are a bit higher.

I'd be willing to kick in some bucks.  I don't even have one of these machines
But I've got a IIcx running MacBSD, and I'm grateful for the work already done.
Also, sometimes you need to help a project succeed by attaining
critical mass on more machines.

Re helping out via bucks - sumex got folks to chip in on 
a hard disk; if I remember right, $10 apiece and they had money left

/* *********************************************************** */
On an entirely different note:
I compiled GNU emacs 19.19 for MacBSD over the weekend on my IIcx.  
Seems to work fine except I don't think I've got the terminal type
set right - the only problem is when I begin to issue a command in the
buffer area at the bottom (with,say, META-X), the cursor
ends up on top of the 'x' instead of to the right of it.
This may have to do with a mod I had to make to dispnew.c in the
src directory, or maybe it's terminal stuff.

There are relatively few changes, otherwise.  I'll summarize
and post soon. I just want to see if I can fix this.
(If someone wants a quick lead, I used m-sun2.h and s-bsd4-3.h
for the configuration.)

Larry Samuels

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