Subject: Machines wanted
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/30/1993 10:22:43
        Send us your machine.

If you have a Macintosh that you want MacBSD to support, a Mac that
is only sitting on your desk waiting for MacBSD install files to
arrive, I'll pay shipping costs if you'll send it to the Alice team
for testing.  There are a few caveats, provisos, quid pro quos:
        0) A IIsi or IIci would be a godsend.
        1) Only a CPU is necessary.  My pocketbook is not bottomless.
        2) Disk storage is not necessary.  We have plenty of storage
           to hook to your machine.
        3) Only machines with a 68020+PMMU or better.  We can perform
           only small miracles; FPU emulation is possible, faking memory
           management is out of the question.
        4) I don't think I can pay shipping costs from Australia or
           Japan, or Britain, etc...  Please let me know if you are
           overseas and have a machine we can borrow; I'll get in
           touch with you if no one in the continental US or Canada
        5) We will only borrow your machine for one month, after which
           we will return it to you, with a thank-you and a copy of
           the README which your name will be in.
        6) We have a II, a IIcx, and an SE/30 for testing already.
        7) Depending on costs, I may only be able to shell out for
           a certain number of machines.

There are a few *good* reasons for this:

        We will do a much better job porting MacBSD to your Macintosh
if we have a model to test.  SE/30 support was quite a bonus, but don't
expect more magic from us.  It is our opinion that we could have ported
the kernel to the IIsi and IIci long ago if we only had one to use for
a week or so.
        Four-fifths of the Alice team will be united for four days
during the Holidays, for the sole purpose of forging a decent kernel
for all Macs, fixing as many bugs as we can find, eating as much pizza
as any programmers can, and putting together NetBSD/Mac 0.1.  If we have
other machines to test during that time, it will be that much more likely
that we will succeed.

        If you are interested in letting us borrow your machine for
development, please send mail to or, or call 408/248-8439.

                -Brad Grantham