Subject: MacBSD on an SE/30
To: macbsd-general <>
From: Benjamin D. Church <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/22/1993 02:04:00
Hello Everyone,
    I've recently begun to explore MacBSD as a possibility for part of my
Senior project next term.  I figured before I committed to something like this,
I'd be sure I could get the program working in the first place.  No luck so
    I'm using a Mirror external 80 Meg drive and have formatted it with
Silverlining software with a 40 meg Root and Usr partition and a 16 meg swap
partition.  I've installed the first 5 .tar files.  Soon after I boot though,
it reboots the Macintosh.  Here's what I get...

Do you want to fsck /dev/rsd0a? (y or n) n
Do you want to fsck /dev/rsd0g? (y or n) n
/dev/sd0a on /: Specified device does not match mounted device
/dev/sd0g on /usr: Device not configured
Filesystem   Kbytes    used   avail capacity  Mounted on
root_device   39087   13718   21460    39%    /

MacBSD Virtual Console number 1 -- Press Cmd-1 to Cmd-4 to switch.
panic: kernel jump to zero
syncing disks... done
we read ret=cc, tmp=cc (tmp+1) &0xff= cd
WARNING: cannot set battery-backed clock.

dumping to dev 401, offset 8
dump sddump() -- not implemented

     At this point, the computer reboots.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

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