Subject: GNU emacs for MacBSD - m/s-files needed
To: None <>
From: Larry Samuels <samuels@VisiCom.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/19/1993 14:30:57
First of all, I'd like to state my thanks and congratulations for the
team that has made MacBSD.  Good job all around!!  

On a different note:
I sent the following news post to comp.unix.aux:

/* *********************************************************** */
I'm trying to port GNU emacs (various versions - 18.58,
19,19, what we had laying around here) to 
MacBSD, the free BSD available on certain Mac platforms.
While trying to get various system (s-xxx.h) and
machine (m-xxx.h) header files to run, I wondered if
anyone had developed a Mac-II type m_file for A/UX emacs, 
that I could copy from (hey,I'm not proud...)

Many thanks for any assistance on this.
Any other clues on emacs porting issues
would be gratefully received, as well...
/* *********************************************************** */

thinking that someone may have already solved part of the porting problems.

If anyone has ported a version of emacs,
could you send some information to the mailing list about it?
I've seen a few queries about it but no answers, so I thought I'd
give it a try myself.

I have gotten one of my favorite tools, tcsh, to compile, and run, but
the big guns  for me are 'emacs' and 'perl'; the perl distribution I got
couldn't get through the "Configure" script (sh kept complaining
about ")" in the script, haven't had a chance to continue working on it.)

Many thanks for any information!.

Larry Samuels

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