Subject: Re: newbie question
To: James Stricherz <>
From: Michael Finch <rri!>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/18/1993 15:39:15
> Forgive my newbie question, but I've seen references to 'greybars'.
> Obviously, 9 greybars means MacBSD will work as well as it can on that
> machine. But what about 8 or 7? Does that indicate that it will work
> some/most of the time, with occasional crashes?

Hehe, I could have lots of fun with this one, but I got a good nights
sleep and i'm in a good mood.
If you get 7-8 greybars that means the average uptime is about 1-3 
seconds.  (Someone correct me if these timings are more than an
order of magnitude off).  If you get 9 bars then you get an uptime
of about .2 seconds longer than the 7-8 bar case.  The trick is
to get past the 9th bar and get a clear screen.  The MacBSD banner
appears and the thing basically works (sans device drivers for some
So, in answer to your question, "No."

> Another question: has anyone attempted to compile the zsh under
> MacBSD?
I sincerely doubt it.