Subject: ROM routines (was re: macbsd 040)
To: Brian R. Gaeke <brg@CERF.NET>
From: Michael Finch <rri!>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/18/1993 02:22:45
> Chris Caputo said:
> >
> >Finding the shutdown routine took under an hour.  The really frustrating
> >thing is that I never figured out why I had to call it, rather than just
> >copying the code and executing it myself.  Having to hard code the
> >shutdown entry-point most likely means that shutdowns won't work on
> >non-MacII style machines (ie. different roms).
> >
> Excuse me if I am missing something overwhelming here, but why does it
> matter how you call it? I looked, and what it looks like to me is just
> a _ShutDown to install copycode, and then a _ShutDown to run it...

Chris and I are refering to the way that the UNIX kernel calls
ROM routines.  We only call one Apple ROM routine and that is
to either shutdown the machine or reboot it.

You are refering to the way the booter loads the kernel into memory and
executes it.  You are correct in your analysis of how the booter works,
except you forgot the part about "harry our friend"(silly little comment
in the code).

> btw, is it possible to get source to the booter at all? 
Not yet.

On a completely unrelated topic:
Does anyone know for sure if a Sparc 630MP running SunOS4.1.3 supports
a generic SCSI driver?