Subject: Re: More test results (fwd)
To: MacBSD mail list <>
From: Michael Finch <rri!>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/17/1993 18:39:59
This is an update of which machines work and how close various machines
are to working.

Keep in mind that 9 greybars is the max and that due to caching
these numbers may not be completely accurate.

-MacII, IIcx, IIx, SE30 boots and runs 
-Powerbooks without an FPU- boots, displays banner and gives a bad trap
(floating point)
-Powerbooks with an FPU (180)- boots, displays banner, and hangs (gets
farther than the above -- needs device drivers )
IIci/si internal video - 7 greybars
IIci external video - 8 bars
Duo230 - 8 bars (i think)
LC250 - 7 bars

Guesses follow:
Other non 040 macs should get at least 7 bars.
IIfx should boot and get a banner