Subject: Re: bash 1.12
To: cabal <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/16/1993 14:23:12
> Hi, I recently compiled the bash 1.12 on my SE/30 5/40 macBSD equipped
> (netbsd.GENERIC.48).


> I wondered whether anyone is interested and if someone has managed to compile it
> with the proper settings for NetBSD (I compiled it for an UNKNOWN_MACHINE
> running an UNKNOWN_OS... but it works fine!)

That's a good idea...  Here's the contents of my /usr/local/bin:
(I don't know how well the news stuff works...)

Pnews Rnmail answer arepdaemon autoreply bash checkalias elm
elmalias fastmail filter frm inews listalias messages
newalias newmail newsetup newsgroups nfrm pico printmail readmsg
rn rn.old rrn rtin tcsh tin wnewmail

Does anyone want these available for ftp?

> BTW for the pizza: I'd love to come, but as the extension of my host-name
> explains I'm a bit too far 8-P . Have a good time!! ;-)

So am I... :-)

> p.s. where can i find an explanation of the content of the many libraries 
> included with the macBSD distribution, having only 28Mb for my root partition 
> I'd love to remove as much of them as possible...

Which libraries?  In /usr/lib?


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