Subject: Re: bacbsd for 040
To: Hypnotist of Ladies <ntucker@kilby.ELEE.CalPoly.EDU>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/15/1993 17:17:12
> Hello.  I was wondering if there is any plans yet to support '040 machines
> with MacBSD.

Your offer is appreciated.  We want to run on '040 machines, but there
are several obstacles.  Currently, our focus is to get a semi-stable
release out and get the IIci and IIsi working.  After that, it looks
like there is a lot of interest in '040 support.  Unfortunately, Apple
used different hardware in addition to the '040, like a new SCSI chip,
so a number of drivers will have to be updated, too.  Without a machine
to work with here, we'll probably have to count on other people to help
with this.  But that's the point of free software, right? ;-)

Anyway, I'm rambling...


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