Subject: Bay NetBSD Pizza
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/11/1993 10:07:58
Reply-To: (Tony Doan) wrote:
> Brad Grantham wrote:
> >But how about Saturday the 13th?  I guess you have to drive up
> >from Santa Cruz?
> I just noticed we had tentatively schedule this for this weekend.
> Unfortunately I don't think I can make it this saturday. How
> about shortly after thanksgiving?

Well, I kind of dropped the ball on this one about a month ago.

Announcing: the first annual/monthly/quarterly/whatever Bay Area NetBSD
    Pizza Dinner!

Who's invited: Any and all parties interested in or involved with
    NetBSD on any platform (especially the Macintosh) that are within
    a convenient distance from Santa Clara (in California.)  (Public
    domain Multics authors also welcome.)

Where: By-The-Bucket, a gourmet pizza restaurant on Steven's Creek Rd at
    the Lawrence Expressway.

When: Saturday, December 11th, 6:30 PM.

What: Discussions of NetBSD, MacBSD, grousing about bad hardware specs,
    and complaints of inappropriate language on alt.tastless, in
    addition to good food.

Contact: Brad Grantham
         408/894-7244 during the day, 9 to 6
         408/248-8439 evenings before 11.

Please let me know if you would desperately like to go but have a
location/timing/transportation restriction; I can probably change
details.  If anyone who needs a ride (from, say, Berkeley or Santa Cruz)
will get in touch with me, I will be happy to coordinate transportation.

Chris D, could you forward this to any NetBSD lists that you think
are appropriate?  I'm running on 4 hours of fitful sleep, and I don't
trust myself.