Subject: Current status (my view, anyway)
To: MacBSD General <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/08/1993 15:39:54
*Sigh*  We'd hoped to get something out for everyone's pleasure last
weekend.  Unfortunately, that wasn't possible, so I thought I'd give
y'all an update of where I stand with what I'm working on right now.

My primary project is to get close to NetBSD-current.  As a side, I'm
also attempting to revamp to use instead of config (a very
nice change...).  I'm also rolling in a new set of scsi drivers from
Julian Elischer (these look real sweet).  I'm done with most of the
coding, I think, but I'm crashing soon after configure() with a trap.

As soon as I get something working, I'll check in my changes to the
sun-lamp tree, so those who can sup the current sources can grab that
while I work on cleaning and packing everything up...

In the meantime, I'm wandering off to St. Louis for the week on
business, so don't expect anything from me this week.

My apologies to everyone who's sent mail to me and not gotten a
reply.  It's been a tad busy, lately.


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