Subject: Had to MKFS SWAP (was Re: MacBSD)
To: None <>
From: Brad 'Savory Caramel Coating' Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/07/1993 00:53:28
Peter <> writes:
> One thing about your instructions - and  just ignore this if you've heard it
> already - but.....
> it took me ages to get the thing working, with failures that read as scsi
> errors, so that I was trying different HDs before I thoughta to run
> mkfs on the swap partition.

Unless someone else has already been badgering you about this...

Do you mean that you had to 
	a) run the MacOS application MKFS on the swap partition, or
	b) run 'swapon,' the BSD binary?

You *should not* have to run MKFS on the swap partition.  I'd be disturbed
if you had to; the installer or the kernel or both is probably mounting
the swap partition as UFS.  It sounds like someone's buggy software set
up the swap partition incorrectly.  (Of course, we're not exactly fault
tolerant, either.)

Could you mail us the NAMES and TYPES and SIZES of partitions you made?

> Thanks for a superb piece of software engineering
Please just don't look at our code.  :)  (See Lawrence Kesteloot's reply)

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