Subject: Re: MacBSD Installer patch, and Futura MX problem
To: Hoshi Takanori <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 08/12/1995 17:51:51
> I'm sorry if someone already suggested this idea, but here is a
> patch for the MacBSD Install Utility to be able to install from
> splitted archive.  This is quite usefull to install from floppy
> disks.

Thank you.  I hope that future installation tools will make the
installer obsolete (I hope to install from within a running kernel
in the future--this is almost possible, now).  You are, of course,
welcome to improve the installer (and mkfs) and offer a MacOS
installation as an alternative.

> I compiled the Installer with CodeWarrior and found a lot of
> pointer type mismacthes which THINK C doesn't care.

Hmmm...  Interesting.  I am not too surprised, though, as that
program was jammed together in a day or two.  If the compiler
didn't complain, I'm not too surprised that we missed it.  I
presume that it's "OK" since the code works.

> How can I make an archive to be installed with the Installer?
> It doesn't accept either 'X.11Mar95.tgz' nor tar + gzipped files
> I made.  How did you create 'base.tar.gz' etc?

With tar and gzip under NetBSD.

> I'm using Aug 11 'netbsd.iivx' kernel (Thanks Allen and others)
> and having trouble with E-machines Futura MX video card and 17
> inch display.  While the console is OK, grf0 driver thinks it is
> 320x240 pixels and its rowByte is 2048, resulting that X runs in
> 'interleaved' display...  How can I fix it?  Which source files
> to look into?

This might be "fixed" with the next version of the booter...
Someone's volunteered to help with the booter significantly
and once that's available, we can actually get grf0 accurate
information.  The problem is that the config ROM on the cards
have a number of different possible configurations.  At boot
time, it chooses one of them to use.  When BSD boots, it sees
all of them and just uses the first one that's visible (sRsrcId
0x80 or 0x81).


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