Subject: Re: netbsd.iici
To: Stephan R. Cleaves <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 08/03/1995 22:40:01
> I would like to get this but I don't find it where I'm looking on the
> ftp site. Can someone tell me the location? I have a IIci,
> 8 meg of ram, and when I boot netbsd, I get the single user mode, tell
> it apple or mac display and I was able to do an ls. Then I did ls -l
> and it hung. Basically I was looking for the INSTALL file on the off
> chance their might be a copy there to read since I forgot to print the
> one I had. Has anyone else had this trouble? Sorry I can't be more
> specific just now.

What I posted was a followup to something that I'd posted earlier on
this list about a kernel that I had up for testing on my site at home
(  It sounds like you might be seeing the
1.0 "keyboard hang bug" with the ls -l, but it's hard to tell...  I
suggest that you get and install the latest snapshot--especially as
it sounds like you haven't had a chance to change anything, yet.

To everyone who's paying attention... ;-)
I hope to have another snapshot up in a couple of weeks, too, and will
want some feedback on it--assuming anyone will have time to try it out.


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