Subject: Re: formatting
To: Rick C. Petty <>
From: Bill Studenmund <wrstuden@loki.Stanford.EDU>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/13/1995 17:03:41
> I hope somebody out there can help me.  I just got a new Seagate SCSI-2 
> drive and it came formatted IBM (w/ an IBM partition table).  I would 
> LIKE to format it for my mac, but nothing will let me since it doesn't 
> have a mac partition table or an Apple driver on it.  So, the APPLE HDSC 
> setup won't read it, and various programs I've downloaded haven't been 
> able to format it or create a partition table.  I did use Symantec Tools 
> and tried to create a partition map by hand, and now it recognizes the 
> partitions but won't read the device yet.
> I'm looking for a program that can create a new partition map AND 
> hard-format the device, since it wasn't formatted even NEAR it's storage 
   ??? I don't believe we ever hard-format drives. All the programs do is
     read each sector & zero it out. What I have seen is that drives will
     be partitioned for less than their true size (we got a 100 MB drive
     once when we ordered an 80 MB. We got the extra space after I
     re-did the partitions).
> capacity.  But, I'll be happy with a program to do either CORRECTLY.  
> Where should I look?  AND, does somebody have Apple's latest HDSC 
> application?  My version is 7.1.

Just get ahold of any hard disk formatting software, like FWB Hardisk
Toolkit or Silverlining. They will do everything you like, and include
drivers for the disk. Silverlining is, from what I've seen, the best.
I don't have it, and had to fuss a little to get MacBSD to be fully
happy with my partitions (I have a split usr/root setup which the faq

As I understand it, you want A/UX 3.0 partitons, not 2.0.

HDSC 7.1 should be fine, though you'll need a patch I saw on the net
(at the umich archive, I think) which lets HDSC work w/ non-Apple drives.
Though I'm not sure how flexable the A/UX partitioning will be.

Good luck!

> --Rick C. Petty,  aka Snoopy
> "Love Long and Perspire to Great Heights"

Take care,


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