Subject: Re: -current kernel goes splat!
To: None <>
From: John P. Wittkoski <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/12/1995 11:35:39
> > Actually, this brings up a point I was wanting to mention, but felt was
> > low priority. The IIsi kernel has always complained that my clock seems
> > to be wrong, but it isn't. I think this is an Apple thing. For the past
> > few months, Norton Utilities has _always complained that my clock seems
> > to be set wrong. I think it all began when I switched to system 7.1.
>  It complains this for me too, but displays the right date. It seems more
> like a problem NetBSD causes.

The date problem on the IIsi is because the IIsi (and vx/vi, and most other
newer models, I believe) does not use the older type of hardware to access
the PRAM chip. This new "Combo" chip handles ADB, PRAM, Clock, and wakeup 
functions, and all access to it is done through modified ADB commands instead
of through the former methods. This is also why the ADB itself did not work 
on the IIsi class of machines: the format of the real ADB commands is 
different in order to support the new chip and the "modified" ADB commands 
that access the other functions. Support to handle this is begin worked on.

Also, as a side note, I had also noticed that Norton Utilities had started
complaining about the date, but it is not because you went to System 7.1. 
The good people who make Norton decided that no one would still be
using version 2.0 in 1995! So, they warn you that your date is "wrong".
Try setting your date to Dec 31, 1994. No warning. Set it to Jan 1, 1995.
Whoops, Norton thinks my date is "wrong"!


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