Subject: netbsd.IIvx7
To: None <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chris Kush <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/11/1995 10:56:13
	I switched to 1-bit color, and am now able to boot single user.  The
console works fine in single-user mode, but once it boots multi-user the shell
doesn't hear anything from the keyboard but <return> and <ctrl-C>.  I am
assuming for the moment that I need to be running dt, so I'll try that.

	Allen Briggs wanted my machine configuration:

IIvx 5mb RAM, 14" AppleColor, Apple Extended Kybd II, standard issue mouse.

230 mb disk at scsi 0, 170 mb disk at scsi 3.  NetBSD is installed on the 170,
which has 2mb MacOS, 18mb swap, and the rest root&usr.  I use the tiny MacOS
partition for the installer, booter, kernel, and copies of etc/ttys, etc/rc.

I generally boot into single-user first, without graybars, and with memory
size at 5mb, NOT autosized.

	I would like to know:

	Has anyone gotten X to work yet on IIvx?  I'm interested in it from
primarily an experimental standpoint right now.  I'm toying right now with
whether to memory-upgrade and accelerate this bastard; if I could do X, that
would be an incentive.

	Can I get the source code for netbsd.IIvx7?  Ideally, it would be
neat if I could download the source tree, and someone (probably allen) could
mail me or tell me where to get the importantly different files.


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