Subject: Re: file system annoyances and such...
To: Erik Vogan <>
From: Bill Studenmund <wrstuden@loki.Stanford.EDU>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/10/1995 09:20:41
> Hello all,
> ------------------- begin silly thoughts on mac formatting SW -----------
> 	For those of you just joining us ... assume I want to totally 
> wipe a unix partition with mac formatting tools.  Can I simply select 
> reinitialize in my drive formatting package (silverlining 5.6/23) ?? Or 
> must I change the partition type to macOS, reinitialize, change the 
> partition type back to AU/X, and the re-mkfs ?? Will this have any nasty 
> side effects on partition order (i don't think so) or other partitions on 
> the drive ??

I'm no expert w/ Silverlining, but foolish-enough to open my mouth. :-)

I think that after you format the partition for MacOS, you'll have to
change flags to get back a happy A/UX ROOT or USR partition. Just
having "Apple SvR2 Root&Usr" or whatever in the partition name isn't
enough. The flags indicating the partition is a root one must be
set or else the kernel will blow it off. You can, as I did, have the
situation where you can makefs your big partition, but can't see it
as the USR flag got cleared.

The other partitions should be unaffected as you're just playing with
flags on this partition.

> 	Any help and explanation would really be most appreciated.  As 
> well, the next time I see a panic: freeing free block - is there a 
> special fsck mode for dealing with this ??
> 					Thanks,
> 							erik vogan

Hope this helps!

Take care,