Subject: Re: -current kernel goes splat!
To: Bill Studenmund <wrstuden@loki.Stanford.EDU>
From: Valtteri Vuorikoski <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/09/1995 13:16:10
Bill Studenmund has randomly hit several keys, resulting in
> Pram time does not appear to have been read correctly.
> Pram: 0x83da5123, macos_boottime: 0x2fff0551
> Kernel FPU trap.
> trap type 2, code = 0, v = 0
> kernel: Illegal instruction trap

 I saw the same on my IIsi with home-compiled kernels, but the problem
went away after I did a make clean and remade all.

> Actually, this brings up a point I was wanting to mention, but felt was
> low priority. The IIsi kernel has always complained that my clock seems
> to be wrong, but it isn't. I think this is an Apple thing. For the past
> few months, Norton Utilities has _always complained that my clock seems
> to be set wrong. I think it all began when I switched to system 7.1.

 It complains this for me too, but displays the right date. It seems more
like a problem NetBSD causes.

> Do my binaries need to be newer for this to work? I know about the
> ps and w problems, but not this.

 libkvm, netstat, mountd, pppd, and slstats doesn't really work either.

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