Subject: Latest MacBSD.IIvx2 kernel test results
To: None <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Runs With the Night Hawks... <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/04/1995 17:28:00
Here's what happens:

Performa 600+68882fpu
Ram: 12M
VRam: 512:
Video: Internal -> apple 14" monitor
Periferials: Apple Extended Keyboard, Kensington Turbo Mouse, Modem on modem 
NuBUS cards: None

System: 7.5.1
NetBSD kernel: netbsd.IIxv2
booter: 1.6

It goes to the text console and displays standard Startup stuff
reserving etc
system ram
Low 0x0 High 0xc00000
Log - 0xf9000000, Phys = 0xf9000000 eldn = 0x6000000 100663296d
IIvx-like internal video at addr 0x60b00000 (Phys 0xff000000), len 0x8000

Then locks up hard, programers button wont break to debugger, only recourse is
a reboot.

At least it doesn't loop anymore and recognizes the video driver :)

Alan Palmer