Subject: Re: compiling -current kernel for mac
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/03/1995 15:14:38
> Okay, I downloaded sys.tar.gz and config.tar.gz, unpacked both, and tryed to
> compile accourding to the build howto. The problem is when I got to
> sys/arch/mac68k and tried SYSTEM, there was no SYSTEM. I also tried
> using GENERIC with no success. I then downloaded config.old.tar.gz and tried
> again with no more success. Unfortunately, I don't yet have direct internet
> access so I can't use sup. Please help, thanks. Note: I don't really care the
> kernel is currently broken, I just want to get the compiling part down.

The how-to is out of date.  You need to:
* build config and install it ("" is now "config" and the
				configuration files reflect that)
* # cd sys/arch/mac68k/conf
* # config GENERIC
* # cd ../compile/GENERIC
* # make depend && make

... in a nutshell ...  ;-)

I updated a few things on Sat. that you'll want (or Bad Things will
happen if you try to run X or dt on the new kernel), so you might want
to peruse the arch/mac68k files on for files dated on
the first or second--or run sup--or wait for a new tar file next week.

I'll add updating the kernel build how-to file to my to-do list...


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