Subject: Re: Massive changes in progress...
To: Charles J. Williams <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 06/21/1995 10:03:09
> >Things may still be a bit broken.  I've changed the way that memory is
> >mapped at boot time--if you want the details, I'll post 'em, but the
> I would like them if you dont mind

[ This was in a message just to me, but it's probably of interest to
  others if I got a response back so quickly ;-) ]

I've noticed a few other changes that you'll need to make if you update
to the new kernel.  Besides mountd, a number of the networking status
programs (like netstat) have been modified to match new kernel data
structures.  Also, I found identd sucking up resources, so I had to
rebuild it.  I'm going to build a snapshot as soon as I get a fresh
kernel build, so you might want to hang around for that...  ;-)

Changes that I remember...
	* Raised the default process limits as follows:
	  max text size:		6MB -> 8MB
	  default data size limit:	8MB -> 16MB
	  max data size limit:		16MB -> 64MB
	  max stack size:		16MB -> 64MB
	* A few other parameters were modified.
	* Modified page mapping to be done in C instead of assembly--
	  moving page maps for Nubus, ROM and I/O from VA==PA to be
	  mapped right after the kernel and before Sysmap.  There were,
	  of course, a few more changes around the drivers to accomodate
	* The C code for the above was modified from the HP300 code
	  and placed in pmap_bootstrap.c.  mac68k_init.c was obsoleted
	  by this code as that contained the memory bootstrap mapping
	  for the 040.
	* The machine-dependent VM handling was modified for the hp300
	  68040 model instead of the Amiga 68040 model.  This spread from
	  pmap_bootstrap.c through locore.s, trap.c, vm_machdep.c, pmap.c
	  and machdep.c (a tad).
	* Cleaned up the nubus probe and internal video.  It now
	  recognizes the ethernet card and internal video on my IIsi
	  (which doesn't have an FPU so I can't test more than booting ;-).
	* Some general cleanup stuff.  There's a lot more to do.
	* Got rid of the BROKEN_SWAP define and moved to a new method of
	  forking children (including pids 1 and 2).  Swapping should work.
	* A few other changes that I can't recall.

It's been a busy few weeks--I'd hoped to get these in sooner.  My
mailbox has been queuing up problems that need looking into...


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