Subject: Massive changes in progress...
To: None <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 06/20/1995 22:43:46
OK, well, not _that_ massive, but a lot has changed.  I'm getting ready
to commit quite a few changes to the mac-specific part of the kernel.

If you are building kernels from supped source, this warning's for you.
Things may still be a bit broken.  I've changed the way that memory is
mapped at boot time--if you want the details, I'll post 'em, but the
upshot is that the mess that used to be in locore.s for doing memory
mapping is now in pmap_bootstrap and the 68040 code that was in
mac68k_init.c is gone (with the whole file).  A number of other things
have been cleaned up.  The kernel boots and runs on my IIcx.  The only
problem that I've noticed is that the pram isn't read correctly for
some reason (not a critical problem).
For those who care, VA != PA for Nubus and I/O ranges anymore.

I've still got a bit of clean-up work to do, but I wanted to get this
out as soon as possible for people to pound on and work with.

WARNING: If you do build a new kernel and want to boot into multi-user,
rebuild and install mountd first!  Otherwise, you will see something
like: "panic: kmem_map too small!"  You have been warned.


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