Subject: Re: experiences, disk partitioning?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 06/15/1995 13:40:32
> > I'd like to download some sources but don't really understand the disk
> > partitioning scheme.  My MacOS partitions are at the end of the disk;
> > disklabel shows me:
> The problem is that we grab the first 8 partitions from the disk and
> then assign them based on the info that we find on the filesystem type
> stored in the parition info.  If the partition you want is right after
> 'b' on the disk, then please let me know what filesystem type you used
> to set it up and with which formatting program.  You can send it just to
> me, no need to send that to the whole list.  ;-)
> Cheerio,
> -allen

Actually, I've been fighting with this one since day one.  Since I recently
had a problem with my UNIX partition, which freaked all the disk partioning
tools I had (APS, Modified Apple HD Setup, and one other), I learned more
about the disk setup than I intended (The Norton disk editor will let you
do anything you want any where on the disk :) ).  ... Sorry, to the point.

The partion table tells one how many partions (total) there are.
-  Why not use this number to search for possible partions?
-  Why are HFS files even included in the sd[0-7][a-h] list?
-  If you want to mount these file systems, why not have them show up
      as hfs[0-7][a-h]?

My problem is that my disk was set up before I started playing with MacBSD,
and I don't recall reading anything on keeping the BSD partions as early
on the disk as possible.  Now I want to put UFSs higher up than partion 8.
Further more if I wanted to use all 8 UFSs I couldn't as it appears that
the partion table and driver take up partions that I have no control over
where they go.

Oh well just some thoughts.