Subject: Walty's Kernel on IIvx...
To: None <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG, macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chris Kush <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 06/14/1995 18:16:57
	yields results I've got memorized by now :-)

This is what appears on my Mac 14" monitor:

[ preserving 81359 bytes of netbsd symbol table ]
Low = 0x0, high = 0x4000000
4194304 bytes available (1024 pages)
Log = 0xf9000000, Phys = 0xf9000000, Len = 0x6000000 (100663296)
get_mapping(): no internal video
  Video address = 0x60b00000
  Weird mapping starts at 0x0
  length 0x0 (0) bytes

Okay, so like, "high" and "Len" may have another zero, I'm rather drunk right
now (I'm graduating) but I've been doing this for a REALLY long time, so bear
with me.

The setup is:

ttye0 and console marked "on vt100" in etc/ttys
serial console and serial boot echo OFF
monitor set at 1 bit grays
32 bit addressing ON
booting from MacOS (what are the important things involved here?)
memory size at 4mb (really it's 5mb, auto size off, taking cue from IIsiers)
YES, the IIvx has an FPU

I'd like to add the following:

I've been waiting for a "real" (adb+Xwin) IIvx kernel for 1.5 years.
I'm really impatient.
Nonetheless, I am eternally grateful to the NetBSDers. At least I have serial
usage.  They are cool.
I broke down and bought a Wyse 50 for $50 after exhausting all options,
including favors from the local sysadmin.  Two weeks later, NU sold off 20 old
vt220's for $15 each.

I'm moving to Boulder Colorado in August to work for (ironically) IBM.

This bug report lacks my usual thoroughness.  Those that are familiar with me,
please assume I was as careful as usual.  Those that are not, please realize
that I, unlike 99% of NU CS majors, chose this route out of love of the
subject, not love of money.

"I ain't drunk, I'm jus' drinkin'"

                  "A rolling fortress of sound in every bite!"

christopher s. kush		
                The floggings will continue until morale improves