Subject: Re: Power key interrupt?
To: None <magnus@MIT.EDU>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/21/1995 15:47:27
> According to the GTMFH, on certain machines the power key is connected
> through the ADB cable directly to the power circuitry on a separate
> wire from the other ADB stuff.  Does that mean that it doesn't
> generate a NMI if I push it while the machine is already on?

It doesn't generate an NMI in any case.  I think that the ROMs or
the egret do interpret a 3-finger salute on the IIsi and other machines
(CMD-option-Power to reboot and something else to enter macsbug?).  

> Does anyone have info on what kind of interrupt the power key
> generates and how to access that interupt handler in netbsd on a
> IIsi-type machine?

On II-type machines, the power key runs in a line to the power-supply
to kick the power on if it's off.  If the circuit is on, it does
nothing noticable (I think it puts a drain on the battery, but I'm
not sure).


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