Subject: 040895 test kernel
To: MacBSD Development <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG>
From: William Colin Wood <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/13/1995 20:02:09
In regards to the 040895 test kernel, I tried booting with it on my II ci, 
but it inevitably locked up on me in both single and multi-user modes.  
Basically, it would not allow any keyboard input.  However, I was able to 
compile a working MRG kernel from the Apr 8 sources by adding the fix to 
grf.c posted about 2 weeks ago. There is only one problem with it, 
though, it only works if I have my monitor hooked to the internal video 
port.  If it is hooked to the video board (MacII Hi-Res video board) then 
then i get

grf0 at nubus0?kernal panic:jump to zero

or something very similar.  I was wondering if anyone knew what caused 
this, or if they knew how to map grf0 to the video board instead of 
internal video?  Thanks in advance.  Oh, here's my configuration:

Mac IIci 8 megs RAM
80Mb quantum lps80 internal - mac partition only
170Mb quantum lps170 external - mac partition only
quantum lps730 external - 400Mb mac/280Mb AUX root&usr/20mb swap
MacII High Resolution video board - 14" Mac Color Display
Daystar 50MHz PowerCache 68030 accelerator w/ 68882 coproc

BTW, the accelerator has worked fine (with the cache on or off) on the 
original 1.0 distribution kernel as well as with the kernel I built from 
the 040895 sources.


Colin Wood
Rice University